Clean White Converse

It seems everyone already knew about my obsession with white tshirts. But did you guys know about my WHITE SHOES?!

I have 6 pairs: two pairs of Keds (here’s one), United Nude Eamz, Zara sandals, Birkenstock Gizeh sandals, and the classic: Converse chucks.


Matthew bought these for me way way way back when so they are pretty old. Which also means they are DIRTY.

I usually just toss my Keds into the washer. Since my Converse have never been cleaned, regular washing didn’t work. And I don’t wear them often enough to justify a new pair.

So I tried something different.


What was the solution? Bleach! JK. Bleach did NOTHING. It was our savior, OXI-CLEAN!

I was disappointed it didn’t have that “dip in, dip out” action from the infomercial. But by soaking them for ~20hrs and then tossing into the wash with detergent and more Oxi-Clean, MIRACLES HAPPEN!


  1. Fill bucket with warm to hot water. (Enough to cover shoes)
  2. Measure to 6 levels of Oxi-Clean. Dissolve in water.
  3. Soak shoes in bucket. (Preferably at least 6 hrs)
  4. Wash shoes in washer with warm to hot water.
  5. MAGIC! Whiter shoes 😀

Sadly my shoelaces couldn’t handle all the action and I had to replace them 😦

TIP #1: Don’t wash shoelaces in a washing machine without a delicates bag.


TIP #2: Oxi-Clean is not safe on metals. The eyelets on my Converse were slightly… rusty? But still functional nonetheless.


I hope this was helpful for fellow white-shoe wearers!



4 thoughts on “Clean White Converse

  1. Hi Fanny,
    I am a huge fan of white Converse All Stars. And I really think yours looked really good even before you washed them. I prefer the worn-in look so I really like the way they looked when they were a bit dirty. The thing about washing them and using all those chemicals is that they eat away and weaken the canvas and glue, causing separation and rips to become more likely. So there’s a trade-off; bright and clean Cons that are more susceptible to damage or dirty Cons that are still strong and have a longer life.I prefer the latter but mainly because to me they look better that way.

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