A Sweet End to Summer

One of my daily dilemmas is “Is there enough space to import more photos?” I REALLY need to get a new external harddrive.

…or delete some 2NE1 videos? NEVER!!!!! But here is a photo-full post anyway!

Well, I’ve just finished my first week of a new semester and thought I’d share a sweet summer memory to end the month of August.

Matthew and I went on a little late-night date to a patisserie in Oak Park. (He literally typed ‘best macarons chicago’ into the search bar.)

We tried some S’mores cupcakes, French macarons (pistachio and raspberry), and this banana caramel entrement??

We took out the entrement part… it was weird.


The cupcakes taste really good chilled!


While picking up the macarons, I accidentally dropped them onto the banana caramel entrement 😦


But as you can see, they are really sturdy! But fear not, they were in no way hard or dry.


Verdict: Macarons were well worth the $1.75.

I hope your summer had as delicious an ending! If you can, check out Sugar Fixe in Oak Park!

Happy start of school~



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