Adults Night Out at LPZ

Last Friday at Lincoln Park Zoo’s Adults Night Out, Matthew and I spent half an evening eating a salad and the other half trying to take pictures in the dark.


Just kidding (but not really)! It was a fun night with only adults at the zoo.



A lot of the animals were quite active and curious about why there were still so many people at the zoo this late.


Can you spot the Macaque? (Japanese snow monkeys!)



We were able to enjoy light snacking thanks to Clif bars and Skinny POP popcorn and Two Brothers beer sampling.

ANO-7   ANO-5


After all the feeder toy and toss activities, we made our way over to the AT&T Endangered Species Carousel for a complimentary ride.The line wrapped all the way around!

ANO-10   ANO-11

Thank you for a lovely evening, Lincoln Park Zoo!


Graduation 2015 #FBF

In celebration of passing the first 6 months of my student loan grace-period (hah), I have decided to finally post the long-awaited photos from graduation day.





Graduation2015-18     Graduation2015-25



Congratulations to everyone again! I hope the job hunt is going well!



Finally, a haircut.

If you didn’t know, I only ever get a haircut every 6 months. Partly because I’m lazy and partly because I don’t know where to go. I went to edit salon this time.

I like my hair about shoulder length, slightly longer in the front, and I always get it cut this way. But I have decided to be adventurous this time! LIGHTER :O

Hair Hair-2 Hair-3

After getting used to it, I realize how much I LOVE it! :D Totally worth sitting in a chair for 6 hours.


Thanks, Johnny (cut) and Allison (color)!


Photos taken the day of; current hair: still stylin’~ 

Chicago 606

What an eventful weekend it was! I woke up at 7am! So much time to enjoy the lovely hot-in-the-sun-but-chilly-in-the-shade spring weather.


After a lovely yoga session at Millennium Park followed by brunch, Matthew and I went to check out the opening of the new Bloomingdale Trail, aka the 606.

BTrail BTrail-13 BTrail-2

BTrail-6 BTrail-7

The trail was previously an elevated railroad track and has been converted into a park.

BTrail-11  BTrail-10

The sun was shining, the trail was bustling, and doggies were abundant.

BTrail-8  BTrail-13

BTrail-14 BTrail-9 BTrail-4 BTrail-16

Next time, we’ll bring our own YogiBear!


Hope you were able to enjoy the lovely weather as well :)


Sunday Tea Time

Matthew and I have decided that we are fancy and will be having afternoon tea from time to time.



This requires a later wake-up time than brunch and more tea drinking for Matthew (he doesn’t often drink tea).


I had tea at the Allis in Soho House with Eve for her birthday in March. Because we fancy like that, haha.


But I liked the egg salad sandwich so much that I wanted to come again for Matthew to try.


The decor is very much to my liking as well. I have decided that black metal framed windows and egg salad sandwiches are for me.

SundayTea-7 SundayTea-2

Matthew had the African Amber tea and I went with Jade Green tea.


Afternoon Tea at the Allis includes wing-back chairs, herringbone hardwood floors, beautiful tea sets, egg salad (and other) finger sandwiches and fancy cakes & pastries. And clotted cream.

SundayTea-9 SundayTea-5

Revised list: black frame windows, egg salad sandwiches and clotted cream.


Hope your weekend was as fancy and delicious as ours was.


Warby Parker

I’ve been needing new glasses since… forever. And since Warby Parker does the whole buy one, give one thing, why not now?

I chose 5 frames for their Home Try-On program:

ROWAN (in Whiskey Tortoise)

WILOUGHBY (in Tennessee Whiskey)

RIPLEY (in Whiskey Tortoise)

SIMS (in Violet Magnolia)

SEYMOUR (in Tennessee Whiskey)

What do you think?

To hipster or not to hipster, that is the question.


Winter Chills

Oh the weather outside is frightful! But the fire is so delightful~

Holly sent home a package and inside were these weird legging things that are weird but I love them because they are so cozy omg.


It is an electronic handwarmer/phone charger! It’s BOTH!

The warming mode (M1) is super quick and within a minute, I can rub it all over my frozen face—I mean I don’t do that, that’s weird.

I haven’t actually tried the charging mode (M2) yet, but I’m not sure how well it will charge. It only lasted 1~2 hrs for warming.

But it’s super cute and is only used for extreme warming/charging conditions so I’ll let that slide.

Thank you, Holly! I hope you are enjoying your gifts too~


Bling Bling

This is a late Christmas post…or is it an on-time bragging post? Hmmmm.

Either way, I just wanted to share the beautiful (and SHINY) things I got for my birthday/Christmas from Matthew ♥

I had finally spent the last of my prize money and couldn’t afford the pretty watch we saw at Marc by Marc Jacobs :( I know, #firstworldproblem.

Matthew surprised me with this beauty on my birthday (initially intended as a Christmas present, he couldn’t wait)!

And when I first saw this necklace in the J.Crew catalogue, I was done. Christmas list is done.

No idea when I’ll wear it (it’s a bit extravagant) but SO HAPPY!

How much more would I weigh with all my new bling on?


Polar Vortex

For Christmas, we made gingerbread houses!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I was the winner of our 3-person contest, haha.

In this beautiful (aka super-freezing-and-I-got-stuck-to-the-gate) snowy weather, I took my sturdily-built gingerbread house out!

The red in the peppermint candies started to run a little, but it looked so pretty in the “polar vortex” as they are calling it.

Stay warm, Chicago!


PS- The purple thing on top was supposed to make my house more “TARDIS”-y… Do they make TARDIS/Doctor Who-themed gingerbread house kits?

New Year, New Hair! (Mocha Pink, pt. 2)

I finally decided to dye my hair again! I liked how it turned out last time so much that I went for it again: Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in the shade Mocha Pink.

This time I decided to do a more thorough/visually-aiding post… a VIDEO!

The bottom half of my hair in the “Before” is from dying it last time. You can see that it doesn’t get much lighter and instead blends in better.

Here is a link to my previous post on the same hair dye. It came out lighter last time because of the summer sun exposure. If you wanted slightly lighter results, use it in the summer!


I hope this was helpful and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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