Conversation Starter

I guess you can call them my “lucky shoes” because this pair is BLACKJACK!



In case you haven’t noticed, I am a HUGE 2NE1 fan (Dara biased). Last summer, Matt and I hopped onto a plane to go to their New Evolution tour in New Jersey. Not only did Holly send me the BEST CARE PACKAGE EVER full of 2NE1 stuff, but I prepared a little something extra.


The most important travel and concert staple is comfortable shoes.

I decided to make my own Blackjack shoes! (from 2NE1 TV Season 1!) Using acrylic paint, I hunched over each shoe for ~3 hrs.

BlackJack-6  BlackJack-7

I had been RAVING about Keds all year so they were my obvious choice of shoe (also it was a good canvas).


Whenever I wear these, they make me happy and people always ask me where I got them. This is important because I am bad at starting conversation and making friends T__T


So thank you, shoes, for making me more sociable.



PS- These are ~1 year old so they have some paw prints and crease marks.


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