Speed and Adventure Friends Journey Through Animal Kingdom

NANTS INGONYAMAAAAA bagithi baba, (sithi uhm ingonyama~)

Guess which park we’ll be visiting today! If you guessed Animal Kingdom, you’re correct! I wonder what gave it away…


Tree of Life

As promised in my last Disney post—

Animal Kingdom: Gilbert Yells At Some Bugs and Jeremy Gets Spooked by a Mountain.

Our last day at Disney World will be all about animals (and other critters). We were able to start our day doing the hula with Timon.



We trekked through a bamboo forest and hopped on a truck to see some animals that do not speak or dance. Giraffes, rhinos, elephants, and even an ostrich all came out to play.





After that wild ride, it was time to go underground and meet Gilbert’s worst fear: bugs. He cried like a baby when ants dropped down from the ceiling (they were 3D projections…) and also when they crawled under our seats. “Gilbert Yells At Some Bugs” CHECK.

We couldn’t miss our chance to meet Mickey and Minnie! Minnie loved our choice of sequin ears, but I think she may be bias 😛



We grew tired from all the animal excitement and took a lunch break to eat like animals at Flame Tree Barbecue.



While Amanda and Justin had their caricature drawn, Gilbert, Matt and I went for a couple rounds on Primeval Whirl in the carnival-like DinoLand U.S.A.



Alas, we should’ve known our luck would run out. We were not able to hide Expedition Everest from Jeremy for too long.

He was sneaky and got a good long look at Everest ahead of time. His stomached apparently NOPE’d out of that ride. “Jeremy Gets Spooked by a Mountain” CHECK.

His loss was Gilbert and my gain! We took his fast pass and went again, this time opting to be sat in front! (Zoom in to see us!!)



We kept an eye on the wait time for Avatar Flight of Passage throughout the day. (PROTIP: booked fast passes right after purchasing your park tickets, the wait times were 4+ hours all day.)

When we finally saw it drop to 120 minutes, we ran for it!… and then were corralled into a line zig-zagging up the mountain behind the floating structure as night fell.

Pandora is probably most beautiful at dusk, the creatures and plants light up and it really feels like you’re transplanted to another world! 

This appreciation for Disney’s world creation was imperative as we nearly lost our minds inching through the winding chain barriers for the 2 hours. In the end, I think the wait was worth it. The ride was definitely a whole new way to experience Pandora and a lot of fun. By the time we bonded with our mountain banshees and completed our rite of passage, it was pitch black in the Valley of Mo’ara.

Our trip through Disney World has come to an end, [fade out].


I’d like to say a few words to this great group of friends, to commemorate this milestone trip (Andrew’s first time flying without his parents, Justin’s first time at Disney World, Jeremy spending money, Christian ruining bathroom trips, and all those hours Amanda and I spent with knees bent and butt out in Sorority Girl Pose): Dead Men Tell No Tales. (Except for blog posts, apparently 😛 )



PS– Sorry you missed out, Eve and Sam. You can reapply for friendship at our Disneyland trip 🙂


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