BLACKPINK IN MY AREA! (Chicago, April 24, 2019)

Blackpink was in my area last week! Katie, Matthew, and I got General Admission floor tickets to mosh in the pit of Blinks (their fanclub: BLackpINK, get it?) at Allstate Arena.


We arrived a couple hours before doors open, but the line for General Admission was already pretty long! (They sent out an email that morning to not line up before 9am… the concert starts at 8pm.)


There was a tent for concert march set up between the entrances. I already brought lightsticks for us, so we picked up some Blackpink towels to wave around (and wipe our sweat because we go hard!) and got back in the GA line.


We were able to get a fantastic spot at stage left of the “T” shape. Jennie, and Jisoo came over so many times and Katie and I were able to tell them we loved them TOT. It was amazing!


Katie got a few very good and very high def fancams. I used my eyeballs and got very good and very high def memories.


Matt was the best concert mom. He carried our jackets and towels in the little Blackpink x Kia backpack and blocked people from trampling us. He even got to see the music videos and hear their songs for the first time in his life! What an amazing first time for Matt XD (JK, he’s heard my at-home private karaoke concerts MANY times before.)


We had a great time dancing, singing, jumping, and waving our lightsticks (oh god, the waving—my arms hurt just thinking about it right now) all night. We screamed along with the other Blinks and made some concert buddies. I’m pretty sure they had elevated concert experiences because of our shenanigans 😛





Thanks for the beautiful memories, let’s do this again sometime.

Blackpink is the revolution.



*photos and fancams by Katie Kwok, via iPhone
**photos of Katie Kwok by acrobatic tripod aka me

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