Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

—actually, it was this weekend, and it wasn’t that far away.


Star Wars Celebration came to Chicago this year and we were lucky to snag tickets for Saturday. As convention first-timers (minus Christian), everything was as new and eye-opening as when Han Solo confirmed the Force for Rey and Finn on the Millennium Falcon.



We dressed up as Matt the Radar Technician, a Resistance Pilot, and Rey (from the Force Awakens). 



For a space hobo (scavenger), Rey’s outfit is pretty complicated to put on (everything wraps around a different part of her body).



It was fun to be around other people who are crazy about Star Wars. We met a lot of different people (but how different can you be when we’re all obsessed with Star Wars?) and had a great time just taking it all in.





There were so many amazing costumes, props, and set replicas.





Kylo— I mean Matt the Radar Technician was very popular and many fans stopped him for photos.



It was a long and Star Wars filled day, and I look forward to MORE in the future! Because where else can I dress up as my favorite space desert warrior and twirl a lightsaber around—and fit right in?



May the Force be with you.
The Wish Power are together with you.


Bonus: See you in Anaheim :O


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