Speed and Adventure Friends Drink Around the World (at Epcot)


You read that title right! On day two we were off to Epcot to attempt the unofficial “Drinks Around the World” challenge.

If you missed our day at Magic Kingdom, go check it out and guess how many times we jumped for those photos!

After a couple of rides (including Mission Space where we split up—half of us were not looking for intense spinning and motion sickness) we were now ready to taste our way through 11 countries.

But first, photos with Pluto.

Once inside the World Showcase, we had to pick out shot glasses—drink responsibly, kids.

By now we were pretty hungry (some of us even HANGRY) so we ran off to check out offerings in our first country, Mexico.

The churros from Cantina de San Angel were so good! and appeased our growling stomachs. Gilbert got a Taco Trio and 300 napkins. Those tacos were authentically SPICY.

Our drink here was El Diablo, a tequila cocktail of some sort with jalapeños. Not bad (despite the face I’m making in the photos), it was nice and spicy.

In Norway I dragged Matt, Christian, and Jeremy with me to meet Anna and Elsa. Meanwhile, Gilbert ran to the beer cart for a cup of Carlsberg Beer and Amanda queued up for some Norwegian treats at the Kringa Bakeri Og Kafe.


When we got to China I was most excited to try the Tipsy Ducks in Love, but the Joy of Tea cart had run out for the day 😦 We got Bubble Milk Teas, Lychee Iced Tea, and Baijoe Punch instead. We munched on some Chicken Curry Pockets and Pork & Vegetable Egg Rolls while the kids watched the Jeweled Dragons Acrobats show.


Justin found a mini stein in Germany, it would be his partner for the rest of his Shots Around the World. For a proper German shot (lol) we tipped our heads back with an Erdinnere (Hefeweizen Dankel Bier) from Weinkeller.


It’s only fitting to partake in pizza and wine in Italy, right? Matt and I picked out a wine flight at Enoteca Castello while the others hopped in line for pizza at Pizza al Taglio, the quick service window next to Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria. The pizza was delicious and I’ve dreamt of it every night since.

The red wine flight included (recommended to be drunk in the following order) a very dry wine, a deep red Chianti, and a sweet sparkling finisher.


By the time we got to America, we decided use this stop for hydration: WATER! A toast to America and refreshing tap water.


Japan was a very pretty country to visit (Disney World Epcot’s Japan anyway 😛 ) We had a Violet Sake and Matt and Gilbert wouldn’t leave without some Chicken Teriyaki from Katsura Grill.

As the sun set, we strolled through the winding streets of Morocco. When the sky darkened, the lamps lit up, and the camera started having trouble finding our faces, we toasted in front of a glimmering fountain with a Casa Beer.

In France, the country of the bubbly, we had to get a mimosa! The orange juice is for vitamins, okay? I also grabbed an elephant ear from Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie for late night munching 😛

We found our way into a pub in the United Kingdom and Gilbert bought us all a Guinness, typical.

This photo courtesy of Jeremy squeezing himself backwards into a tiny corner among the hustle and bustle of the Rose & Crown, just to fit us all into frame.


We closed out our world travels with a nice cold Molson Canadian Lager in Canada (from the Trading Post Refreshments). Celebrations for making it through, eh!


There’s only one more park to complete our Disney World trip! The next day at Animal Kingdom: Gilbert Yells At Some Bugs and Jeremy Gets Spooked by a Mountain.


Bonus: My awkward self with Anna and Elsa. Sorry, sometimes I just can’t hide the real me.


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