Speed and Adventure Friends Go to Magic Kingdom


The long awaited photos! And our long awaited trip to Walt Disney World! Matt has been waiting years to do a big group trip and we finally made it happen.



Disney World has 4 different parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios.

We planned our trip around 3, sorry Hollywood Studios!




To jump right into the MAGIC, we jammed our way through a Disney playlist on the drive into Magic Kingdom.

And as proof that this is the most magical place on earth, the cast member at the ticket booth dug through stacks and stacks of ticket cards to find me a Disney princess instead of my ugly clock ticket. I got Elsa!



One of our goals today was to get Jeremy on Space Mountain. This is my favorite ride in Disney World AND Disneyland, and neither he nor Justin have never been! (But this was Justin’s first time at Disney ever)

The first primer was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! “If you can handle this ride, you should be fine on Space Mountain!”*
*We do not hold responsibility for instances in which this becomes proven untrue, nor any dry cleaning bills associated.

He survived.



Justin was the first of us to get outfitted in his Sorcerer Mickey hat. This was both good and bad.


Bad: He was able to strategically block both Amanda AND Andrew in our now iconic Splash Mountain ride photo.


We were offered a line-jump so we could get another photo but, as we stood there in our wet jackets, politely declined.

We instead lugged our soggy selves over to Aloha Isle for a DOLE Whip® break!



(Pineapple DOLE Whip® Cup, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Pineapple Float with Swirl, Pineapple Float)

*TIP* Skip the line: have your credit card set up on your Disney World app and order via mobile! You can save time waiting in line and spend it spilling pineapple juice while trying to learn to Floss instead 😛


While we properly digested our snacks, we took a photo break.

Obligatory jumping photos here:



To keep the excitement going, we then decided that 6 full-grown adult men and 2 ladies were going to cram into two teacups at the Mad Tea Party ride. Justin, Gilbert, Christian, and Andrew somehow coordinated their adult bodies to spin that teacup in a way that made the rest of us nauseous just watching.


It’s now time for…Space Mountain!

The ride is set up so we sit single-file one person behind another. So the entire time, all I hear in the darkness as we go through space is Gilbert whooping, yelling, and shouting obscenities at Christian to remove his sunglasses because “you can’t see anything!”



Gilbert also provided a dance break  as we rode through the disco section (it reminded me of Rainbow Road in Mario Kart): “Oompsk, oompsk, oompsk! 



This all turned out to be too much for Jeremy. He did not enjoy this type of excitement.



Leaving a depleted Jeremy behind, we went for a few more spins on the teacups before making our way to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. This had to be the most magical (and I know, I’ve used “magic” quite a few times already, but trust me) part of the whole trip. As the minecart wove in and out of the mountain, the Happily Ever After fireworks display went off in beautiful arrays of color and light. By the end of our ride, the cart paused briefly outside and the grand finale burst through the air, ending just as we rolled back inside.



When people say the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is the best ride at Magic Kingdom, this moment makes it a little difficult to argue otherwise. (Sorry, Space Mountain is still OG :P)



The magic (hah) doesn’t end here, stay tuned for our next park: Epcot and the Drinks Around the World.


BONUS: Everyone poppin’ a pre-jump squat.




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