Batgirl of Burnside

Six months out from Halloween and it’s that time of year again! When I am both excited for this year and reminiscent of the past year.


Here are some collectors’-baseball-card-type photos of my costume last year, Batgirl of Burnside.

(Please ignore the wrinkles in my cape. It was folded and, as it is made of pleather/vinyl, can’t be ironed easily.)

I am on no level of making an entire a jacket but I am adept at hammering snaps, making capes (♥), and sewing unlined belt pouches 🙂

The highlight of creating this costume was the Batgirl cowl. Most of my time was spent drafting a pattern onto a plaster cast of my head (thanks Matthew and Christian for plastering up my face and blowdrying me for hours! ♥), using almost an entire roll of painter’s tape and craft paper, and then GESSO and SANDING.




Here are a few BTS photos of the process, if you were interested. The cowl is made of Worbla with layers upon layers of gesso, and finally a coat of black acrylic paint.

As I said, I am very excited for this year’s costume! So where will the Force guide me? 



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