Fine Drinks, Fine People


Miraculously, I have quite a few photos from our group gathering Thursday.


We met for dinner and drinks at Bottlefork for Eve’s birthday. It’s a miracle because I had actually ordered a drink (fine, Eve and I shared), drank my drink, and then went on to sample everyone else’s drinks. Lots of drink for Fanny.


Drinks consumed are as follows: Look Out Below; Smoke of the Day; Fine Feathers, Fine Birds; For the Allocation; Prescriptions Sazerac; and a surprise flaming Hot Cocoa Azteca for the birthday girl.


We also ordered lots of food to share, with the “Bag” of Crisps + Egg and Creamed Kale being sleeper hits.


Gilbert being Gilbert took some convincing to try the creamed kale (“It has BACON in it!”) and ordered a third burger for himself.



I’m glad everyone was able to make it out (can you imagine the scheduling it takes for a group 7 people with varying levels of career and modes of transport?) and seemingly enjoyed themselves quite well!


Happy birthday, Eve!


May your future hold many more small (and safely contained) celebratory flames.


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