Tea Time with the Ice Cream Club


For a self-proclaimed Ice Cream Club, we sure don’t have a lot of ice cream. In fact, we have never had any ice cream. I think they call this irony.


Instead we have a lot of tea. Bubble tea, Argo tea, Green tea, Jasmine tea from the cafe in Douglas Hall—a lot of tea.


This particular tea session involved French pastries, scones, finger sandwiches and Benjamin tea.




Afternoon tea means we get to sit in a little private room off to the side in Vanille Patisserie. There, our voices were free to escalate to obnoxious volumes as per usual. (Okay fine, maybe it was mostly my own voice. I get excited!)


Sarah, Sandy, and I each chose a different tea from the selection of Benjamin Tea that Vanille serves.


Sarah: Forest Berries, Sandy: Roasted Almond, me: Temple of Heaven.
(My memory on which teas were actually consumed may be a little fuzzy. These, however, were definitely considered.)



I then employed Sarah to artfully pour honey into teacups purely for photographic reasons, the tea was delicious on its own.


The pastries were also delectable, as were the scone and petit croissant.



That didn’t stop me from piling on the English Double Devon Cream that came in little ice-cream scoops! (Does that count as our ice cream consumption?!) Sarah and Sandy looked on in judgment.


Of course, I didn’t finish any of my food and required the desserts to be packed away for later enjoyment.


ICCTea-33   ICCTea-40

I hope that the next time the Ice Cream Club meets, we will finally get ice cream.



PS- The Salon (private tea room) is normally reserved for larger parties (4 or more) but our reservation was on a less busy day.

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