Sunday Tea Time

Matthew and I have decided that we are fancy and will be having afternoon tea from time to time.



This requires a later wake-up time than brunch and more tea drinking for Matthew (he doesn’t often drink tea).


I had tea at the Allis in Soho House with Eve for her birthday in March. Because we fancy like that, haha.


But I liked the egg salad sandwich so much that I wanted to come again for Matthew to try.


The decor is very much to my liking as well. I have decided that black metal framed windows and egg salad sandwiches are for me.

SundayTea-7 SundayTea-2

Matthew had the African Amber tea and I went with Jade Green tea.


Afternoon Tea at the Allis includes wing-back chairs, herringbone hardwood floors, beautiful tea sets, egg salad (and other) finger sandwiches and fancy cakes & pastries. And clotted cream.

SundayTea-9 SundayTea-5

Revised list: black frame windows, egg salad sandwiches and clotted cream.


Hope your weekend was as fancy and delicious as ours was.



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