#PWRS 2013

For Matthew’s Birthday, I will FINALLY post about our marvelous day at the Porsche World Roadshow.

I didn’t take too many photos because I WAS DRIVING A PORSCHE!


Thanks to Joe Rizza Porsche, we were able to snag a 7:30am session. Matt, Gilbert, and I had to wake up at 5:30am in order to go all the way to Arlington Heights! (Can you imagine what I’m like at 5:30am?)

Worth it.


The event was all about driving and that was what probably made it so fun. There was a presentation about the new line-up and the Porsche Sport Driving School. There was even a “door prize” of some Bose headphones!


We headed to the skid-pad for a demonstration shortly after. Here is the Instagram video I posted if you want to see the PSM (Porsche Stability Management aka traction control aka PLEASE SAVE ME!) in action: http://instagram.com/p/fIYqCiOXPy/


Then we headed off to the track!

A beautiful fleet of Porsches greeted us on the freshly painted (and slightly damp) course.


After a brief talk, we stuffed our heads into the helmets they provided for us and paired up.

PWRS2013-9 PWRS2013-8

The course was set up so that everyone was able to drive 2 laps in each car (Cayman, Carrera 4, Cayman S, Carrera 4S). An instructor car lead everyone and radios inside the cars crackled with the instructor’s detailed directions for the fastest way around.


Since I’ve never driven a Porsche, it was hard work trying to control all that car—it reacts to EVERYTHING. The Cayman (below) was my favorite to drive; the Carrera felt too different for me.


After all that excitement, we were also given a nice Porsche cap and a certificate for 10%off a Porsche Sport Driving School experience. When I am more experienced, I will DEFINITELY go!


Thanks for a great day, Porsche! (Forgive the helmet hair)



PS- I’ll post driving videos soon!

UPDATE: The videos are posted HERE.


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