Rayban New Wayfarer

Hi, my name is Fanny. And I’m addicted to sunglasses. I’d like to let everyone know it is because my eyes are SENSITIVE, okay?

Moving on, I’d like to give my opinion on my first “grown-up” and “fancy” pair (aka- they cost $$$): The Rayban New Wayfarer.

I love how they go with everything and every season. The lenses are nice and dark so I can nap easily during car rides 😛

HOWEVER! I have some complaints.

For $100+ the case fails to hold up well. The cracks appeared within 1 month and the snap area gave away after 1 year.


The sunglasses themselves are too big for my face. The New Wayfarers are solidly-built and have a nice weight to them. Maybe that’s why they constantly slide down my face. The top slants away from my face, allowing sunlight to directly shine into my eyes.


Verdict: While I really like the look of these, I’m not sure if the downfalls are worth it. I would not recommend these unless you have a larger head and do not care about having a creaky and beat-up case.

So my never-ending quest for more sunglasses continues~



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