Finally, a Manicure!

I don’t often get to wear nail polish because my work doesn’t allow it. My special excuse: an anniversary date with Matthew ♥

I matched the colors to my dress: Butter London ‘Old Bill’ (a rose-gold copper) and ‘Big Smoke’ (a metallic navy).


I didn’t want just a solid nail, but the size of my nails limits the options. Okay, don’t laugh… it’s my first time trying this.


I’ve only mastered the not-painting-all-over-my-cuticles level of manicures…on my left hand. So my right hand is a sad mess again.


On a positive note, I really love these nail polishes! ‘Old Bill’ doesn’t really match my dress but it makes my fingers look really pretty. It brings out the red/pink in my skin-tone. And I always love a pretty metallic navy 😀 It’s really easy to work with the formula and they only needed two coats for opacity.

I’ll try again next time. Practice makes perfect, right?



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