Lexus IS Ride and Drive


Of the many driving events Matthew, Gilbert, and I have been privileged to attend, there will never be one as eventful.

First, here’s some free soda.


Now let us begin with a peaceful period of driving cars.


We went for the timed course next, where someone inadvertently demonstrated a “DO NOT”. As in DO NOT make a sharp turn because that is not the  correct course.


The timed lap is recorded so you can see how you drive!


Gilbert went first. Everyone gets a practice lap and then a timed lap.


Matt took the next car around and went for his final lap as Jeremy rolled out for his first.


Jeremy is a bad driver.


Yes, that is a cone under his car. Yes, he has come to a complete stop. Yes, Matt was coming in FAST behind him.

Most people got a lap time under 35 seconds. Jeremy is a bad driver. This was his time.


This instructor watches cautiously as Jeremy goes for his lap again.


Oh! BTW here’s the LFA.


Here are Matt and Gilbert’s driving videos:

Jeremy says that his has yet to show up in his email.

We are here, we are waiting.



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