Beautiful Day

Tuesday was such a nice day~ It was especially nice since I was recovering from my 24hr flu.

To celebrate the beautiful weather, Matthew and I had a day-long date! ♥

We stopped by Annette’s (in Lincoln Park) for some Italian ice before making our way to the lakefront~

lakefront-1  lakefront-2

It was soooooooooo windy. My hair was braided, but that was quickly undone by the wind 😦


I felt lucky to be in the city. The lake is so pretty (although the wind nearby is quite violent O_O) and I am really enjoying my carefree student life in Chicago haha~

 lakefront-5  lakefront-6

But exams are next week so I’ll have to live on this memory until summer break REALLY begins!



PS-I also spammed the internet with all my Instagrams. So if you don’t already, follow me: fannehsm!


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