Madewell is now open in Chicago!

I’m a bad student, I skipped my morning classes last Wednesday.

Instead, Matthew and I stood in line for the opening of the new Madewell store on Rush St. They were giving out free gift-cards! Of course we had to go! And OF COURSE Matthew had to be dragged along to give me his! (They only sell female clothing :P)

We went with Amanda who is OBSESSED with Madewell. Her friend was first in line. She was there at 7:30am—the store opens at 10am.

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It was SUPER COLD, OMG. What happened to Spring?!

Amanda, our saviour, bought hot chocolate for us. Near opening, the staff was really nice and started passing out coffee too!

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I really needed the hot cup of coffee to warm up my hands—they were frozen from Instagramming!

If you tagged with #madewellchicago, they had a printer that would print out your Instagram photos. We went a little crazy.


Matt and I each ended up with a $10 gift-card. But Amanda got $100 and her friend got $50!

I had already decided what I wanted prior to our trip, these pretty little ring things! 😀


Matthew and I had breakfast after and then went to class. What an eventful and exciting morning!

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I almost regret not waking up earlier everyday… almost.


PS- Sorry, a lot of photos are from my Instagram! (Follow me @fannehsm!)


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