Touchy-feely Time

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to properly write out my feelings here.

Ever since I’ve started working part-time at Abercrombie I’ve also stopped blogging often. I’ve only managed to blog “big things” like contests 😡

What also comes into play is that I hate looking at such a huge block of text. I prefer having photos to show, but I haven’t taken many photos (darn this iPhone!)

There is also the “so what?” factor.

Looking back at my older posts, I wrote a lot about new places and fun events. It’s not that I haven’t done anything recently, I just haven’t bothered to take photos and write about it. Because sometimes it’s disheartening not knowing whether people read or if they care 😦

But I realized, I care. So I will be trying to do more of those kinds of posts. Because I enjoyed them. Because I liked sharing these experiences.

Here’s to more adventures and dedication to doing what you love!


Note: I didn’t want this post to emphasize that I feel unappreciated by a lack of readers. I am just slightly disappointed in myself for not feeling confident and taking care to write more about my daily adventures. I appreciate your support though! It warms my heart, haha XD


2 thoughts on “Touchy-feely Time

  1. Cute pup Fannie, blog on, there are those of us on here who like the nature writings of people who speak from their heart not caring if someone is listening or not! You will find a following I am sure. Or they will find YOU! Peace,Cathy

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