I WON!!!!!!! 😀

Remember that Marc Jacobs photo contest a while back?

Well I was chosen as the winner~ I was SO HAPPY when I got the email!! Although, I wonder which of my three entries won… They didn’t make a formal announcement like they did with Yan’s photo.

The prize package included everything from the Marc Jacobs Dot fragrance line! I got a large-size perfume (3.4 fl oz), a shower gel (5.1 fl oz), a body lotion (5.1 fl oz), and 2 tiny minis! A rollerball and a mini DOT bottle 😀

It took exactly a week for the package to come and it is beautiful.

I’m also super excited about the BUBBLE WRAP! SO MUCH BUBBLE WRAP!!

Dot smells really nice~ (my favorite is still Oh Lola!) It has a sort of sophisticated, light and young scent. Dot smells like… clear waters??— like it’s Spring! If you like Daisy (especially Eau So Fresh), you’ll like Dot!




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