Lonely BTS

When 2NE1 came out with their song ‘Lonely‘ they held a contest where people had to make a creative video using the song.

Yan, Maria, and I recorded an English cover of the song (I wrote the English lyrics). We shot a music video for the song with Matthew.

We didn’t win 😦 but it was fun! Here are behind-the-scenes photos! (Click MORE!)



I had a lot of fun dressing up, singing, producing, acting, filming, EVERYTHING! We should do it again, but… better this time LOL


We are better at makeup, hair and costumes now, okay? So if you wanna join in on some acting/filming/singing, hit me up! 😀



Here is the video if you wanted to watch it 🙂

For other KPOP-related things, visit our KPOPmusical wordpress! 😀



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