All Grow’d Up

I am not making a reference to the Rugrats show where everyone and everything was… WEIRD.

I am talking about the super mature nail polish color that is Butter London’s “Branwen’s Feather“… also about how I am right-handed.

When painting my left hand, the nail polish formula is wonderful! However, once I moved onto my right hand, the formula suddenly became too thick, the brush too short, and it dried too quickly. My right hand looks like a 4 year-old painted it for me.

“Branwen’s Feather”  is a super deep moody purple—almost black—with a shimmer. With such a dark color, mistakes are very obvious. I tried hard to paint my tiny nails carefully, but alas, my right hand never matches my left 😦

Conclusion: if you are ambidextrous, LUCKY YOU! For an amateur nail-polish-painter this nail polish may prove a little difficult to handle.

And no, I will not be showing you the mess that has become of my right hand.

I also did a mini swatch in my Butter London BOGO post if you wanted to see the polish in different lighting/positions.


PS- There is a 30% off sale going on at Butter London’s site! Muse from Musings of a Muse just posted the info on her blog~


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