I have an addiction

I’ve noticed recently… all I do these days is enter sweepstakes.

I used to enter the Teen Vogue “Like to Win” sweepstakes/giveaway EVERYDAY. But we had a situation.

I had apparently won the May prize of an eyeshadow, got a call about it in June to confirm my name and address, and then!!!!


I messaged them on Facebook and they told me they’d look into it. Then!!!!!


So I guess I won… but I didn’t. 😦 I messaged them again just now so I hope something happens!

I used to enter the GoPro one daily too! But I got lazy. I entered one for a Swatch watch, a pair of Keds, the Marc Jacobs #MarctheDot, a Sigma giveaway, some blog giveaways and a LOT more.

I am filled with a lot of hope for free stuff LOL But who isn’t?? It’s just that I am giving myself a lot more chances for the free things! (Not to mention that I worked really hard for the #MarctheDot contest, which isn’t really a sweepstakes)

Do you get pulled in by sweepstakes and giveaways too? If so, I wish you good luck!

…Unless you enter the same ones as I do, then GOOD LUCK TO ME!!! 😛



2 thoughts on “I have an addiction

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