I have a secret.

I go out in public bare-faced a lot of the time :O

Well that’s not actually my secret. I actually put on bbcream ~3 times a week. (Some classes I just gotta look better in! HAHA!)

But what I REALLY meant was the whole “wearing makeup” thing.

I’m not actually a big makeup person; I only use bbcream to whiten my summer-tanned-face… add color to my lips and cheeks.

Without doing so, my face tends to look DEAD. And, as it turns out, I also have chronic bitch face 😦 Altogether it makes me a very mean looking person without some blush and an eyelash curler.

Here is what sparked this topic:

Marc Jacobs had a promotion contest for the new DOT fragrance. #MARCtheDOT was a weekly contest. People upload photos related to that week’s topic with the tag #MARCtheDOT and a winner is chosen for a DOT fragrance set and a chance to win a $2,500 Marc Jacobs shopping spree!

Here were my entries:

Matthew so graciously helped photograph me with his phone 🙂 ♥

I really did love my lady bug hair 😛

This experience made me wonder… how much earlier I’d have to wake up if I “put on my face” EVERYDAY! :O


On that thought, goodnight~

I will be sleeping in as late as possible and baring my naked face to the public again tomorrow~



8 thoughts on “Bare-faced

    LOL I get what you mean! gotta look pretty in certain classes XDD
    I don’t think you look mean without makeup though. I actually think you look younger without makeup. (makeup excluding bbcream 😛 )

    • If you see me walking around school with my facial expression, you might think I was a hoho XD
      Yeah some classes I just don’t care enough haha~

      When we went to the casino, I had to put makeup on to look older!

  2. i do too 😀 I dont like makeup and actually i can’t wear probably 90% of it due to allergies @_@
    I love bb cream. While it still makes me break out depending on the brand, it’s a must have if you have an interview or something where you want your skin to just glow.

    love the lady bug hair 😀 good luck on the contest!

      • i’ve tried Skin 79 (all labels except snail), klairs, heynature, elisha coy (both labels) & ….. i think that was it. O.o so far heynature’s my favorite. minimal break outs and my face is so illuminating. ^o^ so pretty. some people think it’s too shiny but i like it lol

      • Hmm I’ve never tried those so I wouldn’t know haha
        I currently use Etude House SunBB and Missha Perfect Cover. For both, after about 4-5hrs of wear I notice I get pretty shiny though… I prefer less shiny, so maybe I won’t try Heynature 😛

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