Jaguar ALIVE Driving Experience

Last Sunday, Matthew, Gilbert, and I —THE EVERYSKY TEAM!— attended a rather exclusive event:

The Jaguar ALIVE Driving Experience at Arlington Heights Raceway!

(Warning: photo-heavy)

We registered for the event a month in advance and just in the nick of time–we got the last open spot.

Gilbert, however, did not register early and was put on the lonely hearts list, also known as the wait list 😦

During the drive there, Gilbert fell asleep, dreaming of an elaborate ruse to get in; he’d gotten a call earlier telling him he was still a MAYBE.

We checked-in and were led to a fancy lounge~ Can you imagine? The whole structure was built on-site from scratch! The floors were even carpeted!

Thankfully they let Gilbert in without incident.

And SURPRISE!!! Jaguar’s ALL-NEW F-Type was sitting in the midst of it all, glowing under the spotlights. Cool fact: The car was just unveiled in Paris the week before. Yeah, Matt was pretty ecstatic.

Everyone was split into two groups: one went out for the street-drive immediately and the other (us) ate and became Jaguar experts.

We headed outside after the presentation and were greeted by something pretty cool, a 10-car parade of Jaguar XJs.

It was a COMFORTABLE and QUIET ride! (The XJ’s compartments are lined in purple velvet!)

The timed autocross was next.

Each driver was given a quick rundown of the course, with a professional driver in the passenger seat.

Since I don’t have a drivers’ license, the nice driver man, Mister Doug, took me for a ride. It turns out… HE’S AWESOME! And a PROFESSIONAL DRIFTER! :O I had to brace myself to ensure I didn’t fly out of my seat!

Matt got onto the board with the fastest lap of our group!

…But was later knocked off. Booo 😦

We then tested the technology of the XJ on an all-weather course.

I went for another ride on the next activity—the 0-60mph station.

It was crazy O_O My driver floored it on the straight path and I was FLOATING.

The cars also had cameras to record Matt and Gilbert during their turns. Matt reached the highest speed of the day — 82mph!

With the sun setting, we ended the night cruising and ENJOYING the cars.

Enjoy, we did~

Before heading out for dinner, we stayed in the lounge and gallery area to further admire the F-type and all the other niceties.

I had what was left of the hors d’oeuvres and filled up on hot cider. You know I enjoy the FREE STUFFS! 😛

We left the Jaguar ALIVE Driving Experience with a goodie bag and a JAGUAR-SHAPED HOLE in our lives.


PS— For more photos, visit my Flickr:


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