Mocha Pink

I dyed my hair! :O

Updated post with a video:

If you have seen me in the past month or so, you MAY or MAY NOT have noticed that either: A) my hair is slightly lighter, or B) my face is slighter darker LOL I am hoping that B was a result of A but you never know… I used Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in #7 Mocha Pink. I ordered it from along with the SunBB~~~ Matthew took these photos for me~ The basic steps are:

  1. Add the color packet to the bottle
  2. Turn the bottle upside down and back* like 10 times
  3. Pump
  4. Wait 30 minutes

*DO NOT SHAKE–lots of people said not to… so I didn’t haha! But I’d rather not risk it so I didn’t shake. Try to use up the entire bottle, unless you have shorter hair than mine. I had Matt help me set an alarm for 30 minutes, but I kept it in for around 25 minutes? Since I’ve NEVER dyed my hair (I’m a hairdye virgin! :O) I didn’t want to leave the dye in for too long. I wanted the change to be subtle and more natural.

Near the end of the 25 minute wait, it burned SLIGHTLY and made my head itchy. When I rinsed the dye out, my hair was UCKY!! All this “dirty” water rinsed out and the hair was crunchy… Good thing they provide a hair pack! I left it in for ~10minutes (the package says less) to bring my hair back to normal texture! And tada!! (My hair is a still wet in these photos, it is a little lighter when dry) I like how subtle it is 😀 This is compared to Christian’s, his natural black hair! Hopefully I won’t have such obvious roots then right? hehe~ LOVE♥FANNY


11 thoughts on “Mocha Pink

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  3. Hi! I just bought the same color today and it’s my first time to dye my hair..i was pretty excited to try it out but now i’m wondering, is your hair really that dark? coz mine is like charcoal black..really dark..i’m scared of how it might come out.

    • My hair is originally not SUPER dark. It’s generally lighter than most Asian hair, I think. But not super brown either.

      I think if you keep the dye in for maybe ~45 min it will turn out as light as mine did?

      Keep in mind that your hair will lighten up a bit more in the next couple days too.

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