RIP Gerry

My poor fishy Geranium, Gerry for short, died a couple of weeks ago 😦
He lived a good life with his snowman buddy.

The tank was empty of life, so Matt bought me a new friend, Boom.

Boom is a female Crown Beta fish. I got a girl because they are more suitable for my small tank.

She was the first to catch my eye at the pet store. She changes color depending on the light! Such a charming fish~

She was hiding from the light and ducked behind the rocks.

I need to go buy a plant for her home this week!

PS- If you’re wondering how I named her…. it was a weird process of looking up Korean translations LOL I wanted her to have the same soft and charming feeling that she gives off…

Long story short: ‘goldfish’ is ‘금붕어’ and Boong is ugly, but when you say ‘Boom’ in a Korea accent, like Park Bom, it sounds pretty.

And I think it’s funny that she is the tiniest and has such a big name 😀


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