Butter London!

Ulta has their 21days of Beauty event right now. Yesterday’s (Sept. 10th) was BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE for BUTTER LONDON Nail Polishes!

Initially, I planned to go with Carmen but I get out of class when she starts.

Since I have never bought Butter London, I had no idea where the display was in the store! Matt and I looked around and found the little “Today’s deal” stand near the front door!

Below is a side story. Feel free to skip to the nail polishes.

I grabbed a couple colors to look at and decided I had too much to carry. I was about to put it into the shopping basket when two bottles slipped out of my hand. The pretty navy blue polish shattered on the tiles and splattered onto my RIGHT shoe. T______T My pretty grey suede shoes!! My new favorite outfit-makers!

I also felt bad for wasting the nail polish. The ladies working the floor were so nice. They offered me some acetone and a rag to try to scrub off the giant blue streak on my shoe and didn’t make me feel too bad. I couldn’t get it off.


But we eventually found the FULL DISPLAY. I took forever to decide on colors, but also Carmen asked me to help her pick two since she couldn’t make it. That took a lot of back and forth texting and pictures. Carmen, you better APPRECIATE!! 😛

Here they are~

Left to right: Dodgy Barnett, Teddy Girl, Rosie Lee, Branwen’s Feather

I didn’t have time to do them fancy swatches, but here are some one-finger swatches! Haha!


Dodgy Barnett is a pretty holographic silver from the new Fall 2012 line. It looked more matte in the store. In sunlight it actually looks more like outer-space~

Teddy Girl is not something I usually choose, but it’s so pretty! I lack pretty girly colors like this so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I was excited to try Branwen’s Feather but the purple didn’t show up as much as I would have liked. It’s still pretty nice though, an almost black out of the sunlight.

And of course, Rosie Lee is just a “Fanny color” haha. This has pretty sparkles, but as you can see from the “swatches” it takes 3 coats to really get that glitter impact. But it looks like I dipped my finger in glitter! LOVE IT~

This is my first time trying Butter London nail polishes. Their consistency is thinner than Essie, but dry faster and are more flexible.

Also they are 3 free! “No formaldehyde. No toluene. No DBP. Colour, not Carcinogens.”

Sadly, the BOGO for Butter London event is once-a-year. But go next year!!! And still, there’s ~10 more days of beauty at Ulta!

Tomorrow I’m going to school with 4 nails painted, each a different color XD


PS- I forgot to add how quick-drying they are! And no imprints–I took a nap after these photos and my nails stayed smooth~


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