Hidden Paradise

Whitney is a HUGE fan of alpacas. Matt decided that we would pick her up in his car and we would drive 2hours out of the city for a secret surprise~

We didn’t let Whitney OR Katie know where we were taking them.

The gps lead Matt’s little GTI onto rocky roads and then a very steep hill.

We were lost 😦 We ended up calling Mike to find us in his big red truck and lead the way.

Turns out it’s easier to go AROUND the other way (on paved roads)!

When we got there, we met his wife, Anna and they took us on a tour of the farm.

They had chickens, ducks, and a guinea that all lived together inside the chicken coop!

They had a couple of rabbits too! Then we got to the main attraction, the ALPACAS!

Whitney started feeding a llama and alpaca when all the others came running out of the barn! They were hoping to be fed too!

Mike lured them into the barn with a couple shakes of the supplement container and we got to feed the ladies~

He also picked up the baby, Maverick so that we could pet him–HE’S SO SOFT!

We also had a chance to feed the super docile donkeys, Biscuit and Gravy teehee~ Donkeys are one of my favorites because Eeyore is a donkey!

They were really gentle and friendly. When I petted them, clouds of dust puffed out haha! Mike said it was from them rolling around in the dirt.

The alpacas do it too!

In the gift shop, Jeremy bought Whitney a little figurine with alpaca wool to put in her dorm.

I bought her some alpaca wool to knit mittens!

(Guess who’s gotta knit them though; we’ll see how it turns out–my first mittens haha!)

We were invited inside the O’Sullivan house to wash our hands and have a drink of water. Anna showed us the different eggs that the chickens, ducks, and guinea lay!

What a great way to end our summer break~

We learned a lot about alpacas and how to take care of them (and farming too!) on this trip.

Thanks Mike and Anna! We had a FANTASTIC TIME! And will for sure visit again (hopefully with a better off-roading vehicle)!


PS – All the alpacas were Huacaya Alpacas.
PPS – For a full set of photos, visit my Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fannehsm/sets/72157631248426052/ !


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