I didn’t use my big camera most of the time; enjoy the iPhone/instagram pictures!

WHOOOOO!!! So in case you didn’t notice, I am a HUGE 2NE1 fan~

When I heard they would be having a concert in the U.S.–TWO DATES–I packed my bags and moved to New York.

JK But Matt and I really planned out a good two-day adventure to have brunch in New York, we so fancy~ XD

Matt and I stayed at the Hilton Penn Station in Newark since the concert was two streets away. The Hilton was fancy~ They had Peter ThomasRoth products in the bathroom!

It was connected to the train station so we could hop right onto a train into NYC~

After checking in, our first stop was Ladurée for their fancy imported macarons~ So brunch was pushed to LUNCH haha! I got two salted caramel, two raspberry, pistachio, orange blossom, strawberry marshmallow candy, and green apple.

We ended the day with Korean food–of COURSE. We wanted to try this cafeteria-pay-per-ounce place but it was SOOOOO PACKED and the line for paying was SUPER LONG.

Our trips to Korea town always end up with at least one roll of 소불고기 김밥 and then we had our dessert first at Red Mango. Our first time! We got Peach and Mango flavored frozen yogurt with fruits and those juice ball thingies!

On our way back to the train we stopped by the cafeteria place to pick up a  bottle of 소주 (soju) for late night snackin’ with our kimbap.

We slept in the second day and headed into Chinatown for beef jerky–Matt bought the entire tray of fruit-flavored beef jerky! After eating, we took the train back to get ready for the concert!

I had my 2NE1 concert goods from Holly!♥♥♥♥

They were delayed for 41minutes but we got in and it was a fun concert!

I wished everyone spoke more, it was a CL one-man show.

Also they cut things short O_O

On the YGLadies forum, someone confirmed that they would have concert merchandise for me to throw my money at but I didn’t see anything T____T I was really gonna give them all my money for those goods! BOO!

After the concert, nothing was open so we had McDonald’s for dinner on our bed. We ended the night with shots of soju HAHA




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