The Saem I ♥ Natural Olive Mask

I still haven’t finished going through my Vancouver vacation photos haha 😛 My family and friends already expect not to see their photos until a LOOOOOONG time after I take them LOL I guess this is a typical “photographer” thing?

Anyway, I FINALLY tried that sample Holly brought back from Korea!

It’s from a brand I’ve never tried before, the Saem!

Other sheet masks tend to be quite heavy and slide off my face 😦 making it mandatory to lay down and do nothing for for 20 minutes. But the Saem’s Olive Mask had such soft cotton that I almost ripped it trying to put it on–the mask is so soft!

Because of it’s light weight, it is able to stay on my face while I move around. I was able to continue wasting time on the internet haha!

It was a little baggy in some areas, as you can see. And it didn’t cover my forehead all the way.

I have no idea what claims it makes or what it is “supposed” to do for my face. All I know is that my face felt very plump and moisturized. I liked how young my skin looked! I have one more of this, but I want to try the other sheet masks from this ‘I ♥ Natural’ line!



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