Vancouver: Day 1

I hadn’t really planned any activities for us even though my mom reminded to me every day.

The first day we had dimsum and then walked around Chinatown and eventually downtown.

We visited the Dr. Sun-yet Garden.

I wanted to take some pictures of everyone across the pond but that was a part where you have to pay admission T___T

This building is about 2 meters wide!! Only insurance brokers can fit their offices in here.

A free restroom in the middle of the sidewalk!

This clock is steam-powered. Look at that view of the mountains, you can see this almost all over the city. I wish we had mountain views in Chicago!

We made it all the way to Canada Place for the nice mountain and ocean view.

The windows were really reflective in the sunlight. A lot of people [read: groups of Asian kids] were taking mirror pics… Okay I did too!

Here’s a photo of my dad bein’ a creeper XD

We stopped by a department store because of this large sign that had both the words “SALE” and “DESIGNER” haha.

There isn’t much to buy here because the high taxes and low USD to CA$ conversion rate spoil the fun.

That was the very chill first day we had in Vancouver. We walked the entire time and then had dinner with my aunt and cousins–CRAB LEGS! I ate them all!! And it seems my aunt has an ENDLESS supply of lychees! Every night two large bowls appear even though we finished them the night before O___O



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