Congratulations, Katie&Whitney!

I’m SUPER HAPPY for Whitney and Katie! Today after much deliberation, test-driving, price bargaining and day after day of Toyota dealerships, I am excited to announce the arrival of……… [drum roll please]


This was taken after the man explained all the fun stuff, so RIGHT AFTER THEY BOUGHT IT! 😀

Katie and Whitney first spent their time at many a Toyota dealership. I heard the one right before coming to Mini was mean -O- How do you expect to sell a $$$$$ car if you’re a meanie? Well that was a good thing because now these girls have the car they REALLY WANT! A Mini Cooper Countryman! 😀

Katie and Whitney BOTH are Mini Cooper fans!

The Mini of Chicago dealership is QUITE FANCY~ Whitney and I used their bathroom–and we got PUNK’D!

Well not officially, they had a bottle labeled “MOUTHWASH” with mini plastic cups.. and we had just finished sampling the wide array of ice cream, candy and drinks provided at the dealership so we wanted to FRESHEN UP!

This was a SUPER STRONG MOUTHWASH! We were both crying quietly because our mouths were full of this burning liquid that is Listerine!

But what a nice bathroom. It had candles and even body lotion. Talk about fancehhhh~~ haha

As you can see, the purchasing took us into the evening but still– happy smiles all around~

The features are perfectly suited to Katie’s needs:

A  case on the rail for her Raybans.

And BLUE ambience lighting!

Well congratulations to Whitney and Katie, proud new owners of a Mini Cooper Countryman.


I hope you have wonderful adventures ahead (and that you take me and Matthew along :D)



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