Beach Time~

I haven’t been to the beach in like 3 years! Also Matthew and I haven’t hung out with Eve in DAYLIGHT in forever HAHA!

We always meet at night (MAYBE it has something to do with my sleeping habits…) so we decided it would be a GREAT chance to do BOTH!

Matthew and I got 1day FUN PASSES for the CTA! I used mine to go to yoga in the morning, then we met and walked to breakfast. I stopped by Bloomingdale’s to replenish my supply of sunblock. The lady gave me samples!

It turned out to be Shiseido’s 140th Birthday! I got mini cupcakes~

We went to the Pancake House for breakfast. Potato pancakes–my favourite! With ketchup and hot sauce~~~~

It’s so rare to meet during the day that we couldn’t even recognize Eve in daylight -_______-;; It was pretty funny because we were speculating “Where is she?” “Is that her??” “NO…yes?” “…her hair is a bit darker?!” as we walked closer.

It turned out to be Eve!

…with berries, veggies, cheese&stale crackers for our fancy beach day night.

And as promised, I brought bubbly… in a SIGG bottle…. wrapped in foil. LOL

I didn’t wanna get in trouble! But I wanted to have bubbly on the beach!

What other things are there to do at the beach? We used up the last of Eve’s film and tried to feed some seagulls… don’t follow our example, you shouldn’t feed seagulls.

Someone was having a 1st birthday photoshoot~

Jeremy was building a “throne”.

And SURPRISE! Jeremy wore SHORTS!

Matt was digging a hole XD

My favourite photo of Matthew so far!

After discussing the J.Crew sale and my sandals, we rushed to try to get to the 900 North building for some shopping… we didn’t make it.

Instead we ended up at Water Tower to check out the sale at Aritzia. SALES ALL OVER THE PLACE!

That’s right, we left the poor boys at the beach with all our stuff :X Don’t worry Jeremy seemed cool with it…

That was a fun beach day~ We didn’t do much “beaching” (I’m not one for sun-bathing, swimming or digging) but it was fun! And the sun was behind clouds the entire time! SO GREAT! XD

The rest of the week is supposed to be nice beach weather (too hot for me though) so go out and enjoy! But don’t forget to keep hydrated–heatstroke is NO JOKE!


PS- There is a new restaurant at the Ohio Street beach, Eve is waitress-ing there so go visit her! 😛


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