H2O+~ Warehouse Sale

This is the first time I’ve heard of the H2O+~ Warehouse Sale, on June 9th. Whitney actually told me about this. Apparently I’ve missed it for 13 years already!!

To be honest, I haven’t really used their products much before this year.  (Whitney also hooked us up with the relaunching event–$50 store credit for the first 50 people! I also won the daily drawing of a night moisturizer and face scrub!) My favorite product is the Sea Salt Body Butter, for the scent, it doesn’t moisturize that well.

We were planning on going when it started at 7am. I woke up at 5:30am to take the bus to her house to go together but she was tired. Whitney ditched me. I went to yoga instead.

Matt met me after yoga (by now I had reapplied my sunblock again) and we took the #20 bus to the H2O+~ Warehouse!

The line was long but not too bad; they let in groups of ~25 at a time. We ended up waiting about an hour (I think). I was shamelessly using my yoga mat to block the sun. I think I used about 20% of my sunblock on this day alone… I also sprayed my face with the Oasis™ Mist mist a couple times!

Whitney FINALLY woke up and made it just in time for Matt to give her his ticket number. We spent a good hour and a half looking at everything and trying to NOT spend a bajillion dollars.

We ended up with a bill of ~$53 each, I think we did good.

We told Matt to meet us at Starbuck’s but I guess there are a LOT of Starbuck’s nearby so he ended up going to like 5 of them before finding us. He had bought jello for us but by now it was JUICE!

Getting home was a pain… we now had giant boxes on ropes to drag all the way back to Chinatown!

You can’t imagine the looks we got… it was quite embarrassing but extremely funny at the same time XD

I hope this awful sunny weather has been a good reason for you to have adventures! Remember to always use sunblock, even if you want to tan! You don’t want to look like you’re 60 when you’re only 20—also you know… SKIN CANCER.


To be honest, Whitney’s graduation was the night before so that should explain why she’s so tired.


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