A Healthy Summer!

Contrary to popular belief, I am not a TOTAL couch potato.

I spend more time in bed–BED POTATO! HAHA!!

But seriously speaking, I have decided to amp up my amount exercise this season! We’ll start slowly so I am going to yoga ONCE A WEEK. The FREE one. I am so proud that I am able to live a healthier lifestyle and be cheap at the SAME TIME!

Sometimes I even stay for the Pilates, no biggie~

It’s is free at Millennium park every Saturday at 8am during the summer. But I have to pay to take the train there. I hate paying for the bus, I guess I was spoiled by my U-Pass 😦


The night before, I stayed up all night (and part of the morning) going through and editing photos from a shoot. AKA I didn’t go to yoga yesterday. I feel some disappointment in myself 😦 I will go next week!! So sad though… I am getting so tanned because of this.

My mom and I just compared our skin and mine is darker, rougher, and hairier than hers (she has NONE. Yeah, I’m super jelly too)! I’M SO SAD! LIFE IS HARD! (First-world problems…)

I brought some birdseed health snacks to munch and sunblock to at least try to stay non-tanned.

I hope no one else’s diet is currently consisting of peanut-butter toast and ice cream bars; go be healthy and exercise indoors! …unless of course your GOAL is to tan–mine is not– in which case COME TO YOGA WITH ME! 😀 You can watch me reapply truckloads of sunblock!


Katie so gratuitously lent me her modeling skills for this set of photos 😀 and Matthew for the photo of me~

If you’re wondering why I have a hoody half on in that picture, it’s because I could feel the sun giving me cancer on my right side!! Physical protection is the best when it comes to the sun!

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