Graduation Night

I know this is a late post… but I forgot about it! Because it went so quickly! Consider this a graduation card since I didn’t get you one 🙂

On June 8th, Whitney and Yan graduated from high school! YAY~

The day before, was BEAUTY DAY! Since she didn’t go to prom, we did all the prom things for graduation. I gave her a manicure (I finally bought a nail buffer! IT CHANGED MY LIFE!) and we did face masks, foot scrubs, and eyebrow shaping! She looked like a WOMAN afterwards!

You can see the pretty manicure I gave her here~

We took the Chicago Water Taxi to downtown to look for grown-up shoes for her! So fun!

I didn’t really take too many pictures on my camera because it was super hectic but here’s one of Whitney with her makeup~ (I didn’t take one after I did her hair because we were running out the door!)

It was so funny because when Yan came over, it turned out that she had almost the exact same outfit, hair and makeup WTH SO WEIRD!!!!

What a crazy hectic event it was.

At first, I forgot my camera so Katie had to go back to get it (THANKS KATIE!!)

Matt was in charge of making her giant billboard sign. It helped us find her in the crowd!

And after the ceremony, Mr. Lin disappeared so Whitney couldn’t get a picture with him… she cried. Don’t worry, I won’t scare you with her crying face. She got  a picture with her homeroom teacher though!

(See the matching hair??!! CRAZY!)

~~ Congratulations to Whitney Kwok~~

Even though you cause me a lot of stress, I’m proud of you. I am proud that you have done so well in school (especially on scholarships) and I hope that you continue to work hard at UIUC! You looked so pretty this night. Please become a beautiful woman again from time to time too! 😛

I hope you all enjoyed Whitney’s GRADUATION NIGHT!


PS-If you’re wondering, Whitney’s face was not Photoshopped…much haha. But forreals, I only got rid of that “unwelcome guest”, the rest is all Whitney (and makeup)!!  I also realized that the shoulder I didn’t put bb cream on looks more yellow LOL


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