Karen Walker Super Fine

As I said in my last post, I have been working on this thing called “accessorizing”. I am currently situated in STEP 2: Internet shopping (aka- add thigns to my shopping cart but not clicking ‘checkout’). STEP 1 being: Stalk fashion blogs.

So I will showcase my second wishlist. This time, Karen Walker. (http://shop.karenwalker.com/collections/karen-walker-jewellery-super-fine)

1- Mini Bear Ring (Silver) ~$62.35
2- Pegs SuperfinePendant (Gold) ~$954.18
3- Mini Charm A Bracelet (Gold) ~$804.23
4- Mini Bear Ring (Gold) ~$220.20
5- Mini Rabbit Ring (Silver) ~$54.46
6- Mini Anchor Pendant ~$780.55

Not that I haven’t been dreaming about other things but at the moment I am staring at these! (I wouldn’t mind a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses though if you are thinking about Christmas early :P)


PS- My size is I or J according to this chart. Wow, that is a lot of linking in here….

(Collage made on Picture2Life Collage Maker)


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