Matthew is in California, Whitney is in Champaign, Katie has summer school and is always heading up north, Eve Davis has work. The only thing I have that is constant in my schedule is free yoga at Millenium Park (more on that later~). Maybe I should make some more friends… I realize that if I wanted to go out on photography adventures and shopping and clubbing (LOL) and whatnot, I don’t have many friends who are interested in the same combination of things.

And my annual KARAOKE BIRTHDAY BASH! …is not as big as I’d hope because I only have so many people who will sing with me boooooooo. So I am VERY THANKFUL to my Matthew Ing for gifting me my speakers for my birthday/Christmas two years ago–I BLAST THEM HIGH QUALITY KPOPS, OKAY?!?!



I need a dog. At least he can be my subject and love me all the time and always be with me. But then again… he might smell bad at one point. And I will not love him as much.

I took these pictures one day when my friends were only busy with hanging out with me 😛

We took him for a walk. This doggy does not love me as much as I need–I have scars to prove it! Might be because he’s not MY dog.

Sorry for the rambling. I just have a lot of FEELINGS RIGHT NOW!

Enjoy the dog photos, I’m off to edit some others and then continue with my loneliness… I’d love it if someone would play with me >O<;;


PS- 2NE1’s ‘Lonely’ came on after I clicked post T_____________T


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