RIP Wallet

So sad, I have just realized that all I’ve done during my free time this summer is read fashion blogs and enter sweepstakes. What is wrong with me. Oh and apparently stores (both online and brick&mortar) have discovered so they amped up ALL THE SALES! -O-;;

I’ve held back as much as possible…seeing as I am not ballins (<–I’ve never tried to spell this word out O__O) and have no income. They still tempt me so~~ Net-A-Porter is having a sale which reminded me of that pretty Isabel Marant bracelet I wanted.


Sadly I don’t remember where I saw it first–actually GOOD THING I don’t remember because we’d have a BIG problem on our hands!

I’ve been trying this new thing they call “accessorizing” and so far I’ve got one thing down: belting. LOL So sad! But I am wearing earrings everyday [that I remember to] now! YAY! Anyway I found a DIY for something in a similar fashion as the pretty pretty bracelet up there.

I’ll go get some pretty embroidery thread and see if I can find my spikes from my last 2NE1 costume production. If I succeed, I’ll show my results!

I hope summer is doing everyone well~



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