Love Song

(Please listen to this song while looking at the photos, it makes more sense this way)

I just realized that I never got around to showing my Digital Imaging final project.

It was the one where we pick a song and create a set of 8-10 photos.

This project was starring my main models (LOL): Whitney and Matthew.

The above photo is my favorite of the set, I just like the wind in her hair~ and all the emptiness of the sky.

The song I chose was Big Bang’s ‘Love Song’, hence the title of this post.

I guess you can say that my critique went well…

A couple of peers noted that my project looked like it could be stills from a music video for the song!

I tried hard not to make it similar to the official music video, but it is inevitable that it will be influenced because I saw the music video before this project, boo.

I am actually quite proud of this project; it was something that I actually worked REALLY hard on (because I am no good at this artsy-fartsy kind of stuff). This project really made me feel like an artist and really believe in myself.

Okay sappy stuff over, let me know what you think about it and/or ways to improve! 😀


PS- I’ll include it all as a slideshow so you can see them all without scrolling so much.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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