Spreading the Love of ANIMALES!

Thursday we decided to take Meiemi (official name undecided) to the zoo! By “WE” I and referring to her loving cousins: Katie, Danny, me and also Matthew. It was SUPER HOT OUT! We got to the zoo one hour before closing so we parked in their outrageously overpriced lot instead of wasting time looking for free parking. While getting out of the car, Meimei got a bloody nose.

We headed straight for the Helen Brach Primate House since Meimei wanted to see some “MONKEYS!!!” and also there was a water fountain to clean her bloody nose haha. Then we went to the Regenstein Center for African Apes. The gorilla was right next to the glass!!

We also went to look at the little dwarf crocodile and snakes at the Regenstein Small Mammal-Reptile House because Meimei is surprisingly a BIG fan of reptiles. Then we went to visit my best friends the meerkats at the Regenstein African Journey…but they weren’t there! Boooo 😦 but we DID see the giraffe munch-munchin’!

IMG_6876 IMG_6887

We were talking about getting ice cream afterwards, since my aunt gave me some money so whenever we were outside, Meimei would ask when we’re getting ice cream. So we used this as an incentive to behave… and take pictures LOL!

There were some bells hung up above the branch tunnel thingy and Meimei wanted to ring it after seeing Danny and his tall self do so. We had her ask Matthew really nicely to lift her up.

This is her “I want ICE CREAM” pose.

Right as we exited the zoo (it was closing time) an ice cream truck pulled up! SO LUCKY! Meimei immediately picked out the green frog one and we adults decided to wait for ice cream with a waffle cone later.

Now we started the trek for dinner… Dairy Queen.  But it turns out this DQ was an Orange Julius. So we kept walking to find another place. It was a super hot journey as you can see from her ice cream dripping.

Katie and I took turns making sure not to lose her… little kids are such a hassle to keep track of.

She was so happy to have her ice cream but since it dripped a LOT–it was melting faster than she was eating!! It got all over her face and clothes!

She was so sticky after eating that I had to hold her by her arm. This picture was taken by Katie, we took forever to get the shot I wanted.

We walked so far that we discovered a blister on Meimei’s foot on our way back. When we got back to the zoo, it was closed so we decided to take the scenic way to the car, the Nature Boardwalk.

Meimei was so tired she kept sitting on rocks so we told her there are prettier rocks in the boardwalk to sit on and take pictures (she really wanted a polaroid but I already gave her one, if she brings a film pack, I’ll let her take as many as she wants!). So she found a rock LOL

This goose thought Danny had food so it kept coming closer.

Nice end of our trip, we spotted a giant dog! Whitney could’ve been ecstatic.



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