JCP AAC Showcase 2012

Whitney finally convinced me to go to the Jones College Prep Asian American Club Show. She got us the hook-up from David Wu (SECRETS!) The only problem was that I didn’t want to pay the $2.25 for the bus there and back–that’s $4.50!! So my mom said she’d drive…with the condition that I eat dinner before leaving! We ended up missing the first performance, booo! Mr. Lin was sitting there to sell tickets and gave us a deal $5 instead of the door price of $6.

For pictures go to the Facebook Album I created for it: AAC SHOW FB Album

Whitney also showed us her bruise from donating blood, her machine kept beeping!

She was tired too so she wanted to sleep; she wasn’t going to come but she came anyway to give support (and dragged me and Matthew along too!).

We got some decent seats in the middle and watched the rest of the show!

Review after the jump:You knew it was coming! My views on the show.

I honestly wasn’t going to go because I never feel like the show is worth the $5 (or $6 at the door) and time I could have spent doing other things. Each year it is the same–excuse my language–bs. It all seemed like a mishmash of performances with no relaying theme. One of my pet peeves about it was that the “Boys Modern” takes 20 minutes to showcase the same opening sequence and basically 10 boys trying to break dance.

There were a lot of things I didn’t like. And none of them specifically anyone’s fault.

That was the problem.

It seems to still be a problem even at this year’s performance. I couldn’t help but notice that the performances at this year’s show had potential to be better. I enjoyed the performances more this year individually. But the MCs were awkward and it seemed the only line they had was “So did you guys like it?” which was asked after every performance.


  • Willing people
  • Creativity
  • Better costumes (no more spankies and tank tops!)


  • Mismanagement
  • Lack of fluidity/Lack of properly cast MCs
  • No vision
  • No set
  • No one asks “WHY?” to performance choices

In between performances, they needed the MCs to come out immediately to hold the audience attention while a crew would move things. We were watching Charlie and someone else move the piano out for like a full minute. A minute of emptiness is a big misstep.

The MCs are one of the most important roles of a show. They guide the audience. But it seems the AAC always casts them at the last minute.

An issue that stands in the way is the fact that AAC always performed with the backdrop/set of whatever play the theater students are doing. The show had no setting or backdrop and no choice to have one. If you look at the photos, they are performing in some wacky road in the sunset…why??

What I like about the shows each year is that there are still people willing to put effort into making it. But sometimes I wonder if they have a real vision for it other than to just show people these dances and students playing the piano…to an Asian song.

It seems my criticisms outweigh my compliments but I do not mean to insult, only to push for greater–which I know can be achieved.

Maybe they need a little/new management. If they do another show next year, I hope that they will take these things into consideration, from me as someone who has tried to make the show better and as an audience member.


PS- What happened to Matthew and my suggestions for that Asian American Media day and the food thing?? WE WAS ON A ROLLLLLLLLL!

If you need help, Matthew and I would love to help! (EVERYSKY Productions)


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