Film Festival~

Yester-yesterday (Thursday) we went to our first film festival! It was the Green Living Project Film Festival. They show a bunch of (6) films that they made about the different ways people are helping the world. It was held at Lincoln Park Zoo and all the sponsors were there with their STUFF! 😀

Google had flash drives (I should’ve grabbed MORE!) in the shape of apples and pens shaped like Google Places! Later we grabbed a bunch of mints too!

There was a table about farming and Eco-friendly goods. When I was talking to the lady, I mentioned Whitney and turned around… to find out Whitney ran away after grabbing a brochure. I was trying to help you!!!

We saw people carrying drinks and went looking for the bar~ It was open bar! With a selection of 4 flavours of DRY soda, Merlot and white wine and champagne! The guy in front of my didn’t get carded but I did -O-

We went outside with our drinks and the columns were wrapped in Christmas lights and there were cute little vases of flowers everywhere! They had tables with drinks and food outside as well.

I wanted to take this one home >O< but I guess I’ll go buys my own 😦 After I redo my room, I’ll have pretty vases of [fake] flowers! Haha and MAYBE occasionally the real flower (;D Matthew~)

Whitney started eating something that we all agreed tasted VEGAN (it was vegan :P) LOL But BORING is Whitney’s favorite flavour~

We weren’t the first 50 there but we found leftovers from the VIP!

We went back inside to fill up on the selection of fancy finger-foods~

They even had a live DJ there!

When it was about time for the presentations, people went around passing out popcorn. It was pretty good popcorn! I was hungry because I was took busy taking photos to remember to eat T__T

At the end, we went to get more drinks (HEY! THEY’RE FREE!!) and I got a glass of champagne~ Katie took this picture, she gettin’ GOOD~

I couldn’t reproduce the same results for her, but I like this picture of her 😀

Whitney…got a little too excited about her flowers [not the non-alcoholic drink she is holding]!

And that was the end of our film festival adventure~ I hope we go to more of these, they are so much fun! (hopefully they are all like this :P)



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