Decieved by the label

Yes, it happened again. Even though I read a whole book about wine,  went with my previous judgmental self and bought my wine by the aesthetics of it’s label. BUT!!! I thought since there were only two bottles left, people must have liked it! 😦

Well the evening started out like this, we went to Michigan Avenue about two Sundays ago because PAWS was participating in an event where they bring dogs and cats into the stores so people can see them and hopefully adopt some! Matt was looking at a certain dog that was in the Saks building. Afterwards we were hungry for dinner so we decided to go to MITYNICE because I wanted crab-cakes 😛


I didn’t see this before but they have daily specials! Gotta go on a Monday!! Matt saw the deal for that day was the $10 burger and beer and wanted to try it out. Except he had a root-beer instead haha.

These little “bread” thingies they always have make me feel queasy T__T I don’t know what it is but my stomach feels all icky after taking a couple bites.

This is my leftovers, macaroni&cheese and one crabcake (which disappeared from the fridge, boo) and Matt’s beef and bread (he lost the botton bun XD)

We walked over to the market thingy to browse their wine section 😀 Wine to get into the mood for Mad Men! So stylish~ HAHA!!

It was down to the Owl House Red (center two bottles) or the Sparkly Rose dessert wine (bottles to the left).

We went for the Owl House Red.

When opening I realized it was a screw-top! So easy~ And Matt didn’t have any wine glasses so we used a regular glass and this weird thing… Matt drank out of that one. At first it tasted like NOTHING. But it started developing its flavours after “breathing” for 15minutes (we were distracted by Mad Men). This was not a flavour I enjoy >__<

The conclusion: Don’t buy wine unless you know what type it is. This Owl House Red didn’t have any description of the wine except that it was a blend of reds… wth?? But I trusted you, little owl drawing! So I looked it up and it turns out… Half of the blend is of grape varieties that I do not like. BOOOOO!!!!

Next time… I’ll just buy the sparkly stuff unless I know what I am buying (hmmm did somebody say… WINE TASTING??!!)



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