Summer Cocktails

Today was SUPER NICE OUT! It was legit SUMMER! 😀

My sleeping schedule has been pretty messed up and I was trying to fix it. So I stayed in bed until midnight (yes, I slept the entire day away :x) when Matt woke me up and I have been awake since then!

Since I couldn’t go to sleep, Matthew took me out to lunch! LUNCH DATE~ ♥

We went to DMK Burger Bar since he was planning to take me (and Katie and Whitney) there the other day for dinner. But I was sleeping and the Kwoks were… doing other stuff 😛

Since it was so nice out, I felt like trying out a cocktail~~ It’s cocktail weather, you know~

I got the Strawberry Fields ([Forever] like the Beatles song!) cocktail and Matthew ordered a Blueberry Lemon soda (they make it there!)

Then my favorite song came on! Carry On Wayward Son (It’s my favorite restaurant song, maybe we’ve been going to more of the same type of restaurants??) I only know that main line but I like to enjoy a little head-banging whenever the song starts 😛

I ordered the #4 and small fries and Matthew got the #1 with an egg added. Turns out the fries I ordered were CHEESE FRIES… I’m not a fan of them because the cheese:fry ratio is too off >_< (too much cheese!) Especially in this case since the Wisconsin cheddar was overwhelming while fighting with the saltiness of the fries for attention. My burger was also too spicy 😦 I sholdn’t have ordered the burger with GREEN CHILE! But it was a good burger… tasted like my mother’s steak 😛

Matt liked his burger (he likes eggs XD)

I couldn’t finish my burger (harhar what a surprise) so we packed the 1/4 that was left along with them CHEESE FRIES–EWWWW. I finished my cocktail!!

When the bill came, the tip was $5 but Matt didn’t like the $0.44 so I told him to put down $5.01 XD

Although, I am now confident that most of these alcohols, I will not enjoy XD I like red wine better–I just need to find the right one!

If you are in Chicago, or somewhere even warmer, I hope you were enjoying the beautiful weather too~



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