MB Enzyme Revitalising Mask

WARNING: This post contains a LOT of Mario Badescu products. If you have impulse skincare shopping problems, DO NOT CONTINUE!

This past week or so, my skin has been CRAZY!!!

I tried to make my face happy again by attacking all the pimples that came up both physically (with fingers and nails!!) and chemically (MB Drying Lotion). TO NO AVAIL!! >O<;;

So my next strategy was FACE MASKS! I used the Strawberry Tonic Mask (MB) that came in my skin consultation samples–didn’t help much. Then, the Flower and Tonic Mask (MB)–didn’t do as great of a turnaround as it did when I came back from Florida last year.

Please take into account that I also started consistently washing my face every morning AND night! I went crazy with the routine!

I tried to do the masks at the proper times– 2-3 times a week, aka I used a mask every other day. I wanted to do it EVERY NIGHT to make the bad go away!! But I was good and followed through….


UNTIL! I went back and used my trustly Enzyme Revitalizing Mask 😀


Of course them nasty pimples are still there TOT But they are less nasty-LOOKING. The texture and overall feeling of my face is remedied! I can at least put my bbcream on in a smooth fashion~

See! Even Joseph (Whitney’s moose-child) likes it! His antlers feel GOOD~ 😛

Thank you, Mario Badescu~

(But please figure a way to make the pimples, and their friends, to go away!!)


PS- All photos, except for the one with all the products, are old 😛 They were taken when Whitney and I used the mask for the first time!

Love at first sight, I guess~

Please note that I am in no way associated with the Mario Badescu brand, I am just pretty obsessed with the skincare and used all of Holly’s money on it 😡 The links are just to provide people with and easy way to know what I am talking about and, if they’d like, to try it out themselves~ Just spreading the MB love, okay? ♥

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