GEORGE LUCAS! (+haircut!)

Today was quite interesting!

Whitney and I were in a hurry to go for our haircut appointment at Paul Mitchell the School. We were supposed to be there at 3:30pm but I thought it was at 3:45pm so we were late! And it was hot but I didn’t have nice-day clothes T___T So we got our haircuts and when Whitney was done, she turns around to see me, without he same haircut (almost) LOL! The man who supervised the student cutting my hair had a nametag that read “AWESOME” and indeed he was! Mr. Awesome helped cut my layers in and my bangs~

I’m not sure if Whitney wants people to see her haircut yet… (but I posted it on my Twitter (@fannehsm) !!) But here is my REAL Before and After~

Afterwards, Matt and Gilbert came to pick us up so that I could go to my house to change into a nice outfit since we were going to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. Our server’s name was CLARK KENT! That makes TWO people with cool names we met today!

This is my first time at Hard Rock Cafe! It’s pretty cool, they have all these televisions everywhere playing interesting–but mostly STRANGE— music videos and performances.

We were there for about 1 1/2 hours because a band was setting up and we wanted to see! But they took FOREVER to set-up and tune and whatnot 😦 So we left 😛

After dinner, Matt walked us over to Ghiradelli for dessert. (Actually Whitney and I had no idea where we were going, we just followed Matt and Gilbert XD)

Ghiradelli was, as usual, packed and it hard to find a seat for one person, let alone FOUR of us. But we got one eventually. When we were almost done eating our sundae, Gilbert goes “That man…” We had him repeat like five times because it was so hard to hear him.

“That man looks like George Lucas.”

As “that man” turns to walk out the door, I see him. It IS George Lucas. George Lucas is walking away from us while holding his ice cream and spoon. I say “GO!!!” and we rush outside and George (yes, first name basis) is already across the street towards his hotel! So Whitney and I run across the street and are about to reach him when two girls who were sitting next to us also have the same idea and beat us to him 😦 Then they ask me to help them take a photo… and George quietly and purposefully walks into his hotel T______T

That makes George Lucas the THIRD cool person we met (kind of) today. I’M SO SAD!!! Well I didn’t really want to bother him, the man just wanted his Ghiradelli ice cream. Apparently he goes there a lot LOL.

But yay! Now I can say…that I can properly recognize George Lucas as he is walking away from me >O<;;

I hope your day was equally, if not more, exciting~



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