Whiter Whiter! My teeth~

If you know me well, you won’t be surprised that I used the Rembrandt 2HR Whitening Kit 😛

I bought it on Amazon for $7! I bought it with my wine book: Swallow This: The Progressive Approach to Wine By Mark Phillips! I loved that book btw; he explained things very simply and made wine easy to understand! 😀 Now I need a new book! If you have suggestions, let me know please~

Matthew, Whitney, and I rented two movies to watch while I whitened my teeth: My Week with Marilynand Young Adult. We only got through one movie, the Marilyn Monroe one.

This is what came in the kit: 8capsules of whitening gel, 2 trays for teeth, instructions booklet. SO SIMPLE!

Here are the step-by-step instructions for this kit:

Step 1-
Shape/mold teeth trays.

I microwaved a mug of water and dipped one in. Then I inserted it into my upper teeth and sucked (sounds gross!) and pressed it against my teeth using my tongue and lips. I also pressed from  the outside with my fingers when I felt it necessary. Then I repeated for the 2nd tray and lower teeth.

Step 2-
Open a capsule.

Step 3-
Squeeze a thin line of the gel into each tray.

I only used 1.5 capsules per 2 trays each time.

Step 4-
Insert into mouth, aline with teeth.

Wide-eyed confusion is optional.

Step 5-
Set an alarm and watch 20 minutes of My Week with Marilyn (Or any other movie/drama of your choice).

Step 6-
Take out and rinse your teeth after 20 minutes. Watch movie/dram for 10 more minutes.

Step 7-
Repeat! 4 times, I think.

Step 8-
Enjoy slightly whiter teeth!

I used this amount of capsules for all 4 sessions.

Haha I don’t know if all this trouble was worth the amount of whitening I got… Although, the next morning, my teeth were more even and brighter slightly! So… for only $7, this was a pretty good deal!

But for the full price, $20, I think you should just invest in them Crest Whitestrips. Those are very good! And I can drink water and not look like a DUCK!

I guess I’ll go look for some other whitening products later~
If you have some teeth-whitening product suggestions (OR WINE BOOKS! :D) let me know~


PS- My Week with Marilyn was pretty good! At first I watched it because I wanted to see Emma Watson’s role in it 😛 but the movie was good! Emma’s hair was a little odd. Because of her short pixie cut, they put long hair in weirdly to make it longer. It was weird. But Michelle Williams was good as Marilyn. It’s not the most exciting movie, but it was nice.


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